The devilin experience day 4


Ain't It Tragic

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About the song Ain’t it tragic:

Lyrically, this song was initially written to my brother. It was one of those relationships you have someone that no one will ever quite understand the depth of. Because him and I related on a level that was either genetic, or maybe it was from how we were programmed growing up, or just an inherent personality type. Him and I had this music dream, to always create together and only do that. That was the ideal, and it didn't happen. We were too much on different pages and the timing was off. 

So this song tries to capture that tragic truth that, life is not ideal. We aren't always going to get what we've always wanted. It breaks my heart that it didn't work out with my brother musically. That's what this song is about. 

If you want to know, the chord progression in the verse happens to be the same as Beiber's "My Mama Don't Like You" song, which is the same as the "I can't Help Falling In Love" song. The chorus progression I first heard from a Brand New song, but it's used a lot. twenty one pilots uses it in at least 4 songs. Some notes of the verse melody came from some 90s techno song. And the chorus melody just came to me, which sounds like a Phil Collins song "Another Day In Paradise." So it wouldn't surprise me if I was singing a similar melody to his subconsciously. 


Lone Lady



See this above video came from submissions from some of the Devilins. Not everyone did it because they were shy, or maybe Demi isn't established enough to trust. There were certain people who couldn't get added because of their video format. I really tried to make it happen but I was working with a Director/Editor who was pressed for time too. 


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About the song Lone Lady:

This is a song about another family member, my mama(said in a Bobby Boucher accent). The music was separate though. The music just poured out one time my brother and old drummer both basically were saying the music we were making doesn't cut it and basically just had bad morale about this whole project. It crushed me because I realized how alone I was in having positive faith about this thing. So I came to the piano and played the whole song on the piano. In sadness. My most common emotion. 

Lyrically though, I had told my mom I'd write a song for her for a while. And this just forced me to write one for her cause I thought the music would match. It ended up being a sadder song about her though. It ended up me letting out partial memories of seeing her alone in front of the tv watching movies on weekends while I went out with my friends. I didn't know at the time, but she was seriously considering suicide. Because my dad broke her heart by having affairs and moving in and out of the house. That's the truth of it. 

But, as I was finishing the song, I wanted to make it more inclusive. So it started just being a more broad compassion song towards yourself, your friend, your mom, anyone who is defeated and you'd do anything to make them feel happy. Gosh I'm getting teary-eyed just writing this. 



That's that. I hope you stick with me along this journey. There's no turning back for me. I hope you'll stand by me, and I'll stand by you. 

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-Jeff from Demi