The devilin experience day 3

The last line-up of the first of many Devilin Experiences is:

1. Art of Relax 

2. Save the Jovian 

Much brighter sounding songs, SEE FOR YOURSELF


Art of Relax

Check out this confused thumbnail face.

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about the song Aor:

My brother Thomas actually came to me with the verse melody of this song. And I used that as a starting point for the concept and ongoing point of reference for the lyric rhythm. I started the lyrics when I had just gotten out of university. Somewhere along the way, I shut myself off from the shock of extreme anxiety. I used to talk like a robot. A computer. My heart was gone. My humanity. I was just going through the motions, depersonalized, numb. Thats what causes the fog. The cloudy mind. But I took the lid off one day, and faced all the panic and different selves I had buried within me, and now I’m a little more whole than ever before. Admit your insanity, embrace your humanity!


Save the JOvian

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about the song stj:

There’s an initial version of this song called “Embrace the Jovian” that you can find here, but this was a revised version that I completed alone. Because I felt the previous one didn’t have the emotional impact I wanted all my songs to have. Did you know the initial Save the Jovian lyrics were written while I was living in an ATTIC on the UT campus during my last semester there? Sometimes you gotta go full blown eccentric to get back to yourself. 

 So, after revising the music, I thought I might as well try to articulate better what it means to be an introvert. This song is an Ode to the Introvert, living in what Susan Cain calls “Extrovert Ideal” times. Do you remember how people communicated in the olden days? They wrote letters. One letter at a time, and waited for a reply. Compare that to nowadays with our attached devices and the number of means to communicate within each device. Not cool.

My favorite part of the this song is the chorus chord progression. It's really powerful to me even if it's simple, and the way the main melody notes are not in the actual chord... gives it another dissonant/desperate quality. 


That's it for the first chapter of the Devilin Experience! I hope you enjoyed getting a little more in depth about the songs, assuming you really do appreciate them if you've gotten this far.

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-Jeff from Demi