The devilin experience day 2


Buried Horror Show

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About the song BHS:

I made the music for “Buried Horror Show” in one sitting (this is a romantic idea for any art piece to be made in a flash of brilliance but this never happens to me, and I almost don’t recommend it for quality purposes). I was thinking of the “Are You Afraid Of The Dark?” theme song, (remember that show on Nick?). The lyrics were me waking up one day on the wrong side of the bed, and watching myself make an outdated, habitual choice to just repress that state of mind. 

And when I caught it, I got mad. At myself. And this song is me singing to myself, in hostility, for neglecting myself for so long. I talk more about it here at 1:45:


requiem in b minor

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About the song RIBM:

This song made a year after Horror Show, same chord progression, but I wanted to have a short harrowing instrumental to open the live show with. I think I might have been listening to Darth Vader’s theme song (which came from Chopin’s Funeral March). 

If you notice, on the Spotify version, there is this lady saying stuff like "I care about myself." That's Louise Hay, who is an awesome healing master. I thought it'd be ironic to include a prime figure who specializes in self-care, and add it to the introductory song before Horror Show which is about self-neglect. 


captain hunchback

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about the song CH:

This song was probably the biggest pain to finish out of any song because it got revised so many times! I wanted to make a song that was musically similar to The Used “Bird and a Worm” meeting the Adams Family soundtrack. Lyrically, it started off as a biographical account of my nice friendly self not being able to get out of awful social situations, even though I was in a frightening state of mind ( hear "original demo" which is was first called "Catholic Hunchback"). However, a couple weeks before I flew to Nashville to get the Secret Schizoid mixed, I wrote new lyrics and recorded the vocals in a TeePee I that I was living in, literally. The lyrics came from an experience of getting a reality check, about where I was at in my music career, and how much I had been dreaming versus being realistic… and it got me really, really afraid to think of the prospect of losing my dream, which is my life’s blood, it’s the only thing that saved me from suicide I think. 


Okay that's all for today folks, think positive. 

-Jeff from Demi