DAY 1..

Today's tracks include:

1. Change Me

2. Sly Dog


1. Change Me

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About the Song CM:

I started working on this song a month after I released the Secret Schizoid EP, and added it in as part of the full album version of S.S. I remember taking a walk on an overcast rainy day and seeing people still running in the drizzling rain. Watching them have the motivation to run even in the rain made me realize that I needed to clean up my act. Leaning on quick ‘fixes’ when stress kicks in, and making a habit of it, really dull our shine. Our personality doesn’t shine through.

I had gone through a frustrating time finding dedicated bandmates, while my producer under his contract wouldn't allow me to release any music. I finally broke free from that, and reached out to Matt Noveskey, who plays bass for Blue October, and he connected me with his friend Kevin Butler to get it mixed professionally. And that’s that. 

Songs that I took very small random ideas from:

1. Youtubing "R & B bass lines"

2. Chris Isaac - "Wicked Games"

3. Aerosmith "Don't Wanna Miss A Thing"

4. Eminem - "I'm Not Afraid" 

5. Jon Bellion "iRobot" 

Oh, and twenty one pilots “Cut My Lip” ended up having the same chord progression as Change Me. I’ve always loved this progression, it makes me feel like I’m surrendering to life.



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about the song sd:

“Sly Dog” was written a few months after Change Me was released. Lyrically, I was really trying to work through old resentments I had for some people I used to know. Resentment to me is this stagnant anger that gets stuck, it’s being angry yet never really feeling the anger or sitting with it long enough to pass through. So this song I was really letting my rage come up and out. 

Then forgiveness is a possibility, and forgiveness creates more space in our heads to think of more useful things.

Some songs I took ideas from for this track:

1. Ace of Bass - "It's a Beautiful Life"

2. Three 6 Mafia - "Stay Fly"

3. My Chemical Romance - "The Sharpest Lives"

4. Led Zeppelin - "Kashmir" 

5. Gloria Ganyor - "I Will Survive"


I took this track to Johnny Minardi, who is the head of A&R at a label called Fueled by Ramen. It was a long shot to expect him to give me some kind of offer, because band's don't get signed as often nowadays. But it was worth a try. He put me through to Sean O'Keefe (Fall Out Boy, The Hush Sound) to mix the track. Mixing a track is just means making every part of the song sound clear, separated, and bigger. And this song won runner up placement at the Songwriting of the Year Competition! Judged by my idols Gave Grohl and Gwen Stefani. 

(Thank you patrons for making this track possible)!



See you tomorrow

-Jeff from Demi