“Beach Boys meets Queen meets Frank Zappa, just to name a few things.” Alan Wolmark (CEC Management, manager of Ben Folds Five)


"It reminds me of those old gothic nursery rhymes. A dark lulluaby quality, not too dark though." MikelJollet ( Airborne Toxic Event)


“ Demi the Daredevil delivers a refreshing, thrilling and nearly-haunting sonic experience that’s at once experimental in its composition and familiar through the lyrics’ relatability. Upon listening, you’re thrust down a rabbit hole of sorts, revealing a dark and interesting world marked with internal conflict, existential questions and a comforting sense of connectedness through lead singer, Jeff Azar’s, voice that serves as a guide into a complex world that explores what it’s like to be human.”  Erin Coulehan (Writer at Rolling Stone )


“Smart, intricately arranged. Some of it is like a fun circus, some of it earnest. Sincere as hell.” Rob Cantor (Tally Hall)


“Really melodious stuff but still has the rock vein in it, intense and vivid words..” Mark S. Berry (Producer)


“Fresh and exciting Art Rock. I sense a bright future for Demi.” David Bash (Critic) 

"Austin, Texas band Demi the Daredevil signs with

John McCracken Music Group


Date: August 19th, 2016


Founded by John McCracken, acclaimed musician, Gold and Platinum music producer and former head of A&R for EMI Music Group, John McCracken Music Group based in New York City has signed its first major music act for 2016; Austin, Texas band Demi The Daredevil.


McCracken has produced a four track EP titled “Secret Schizoid.” All tracks will be released through The Orchard, a world leader in online distribution and video channel exploitation.


Producer McCracken states, “Demi is the first band I’ve heard in a long time that brings something totally fresh to the music world.  There are elements of 60’s and 70’s bands such as Queen, Gentle Giant and The Beatles along with echoes of Broadway’s new trend towards Theater Rock. (Rent, Avenue Q, Spiderman, The Last Ship.) It’s a very striking combination of dense sophisticated lyrics with contrapuntal melodic and harmonic structures not normally heard in current contemporary music these days. What sets them apart is not only their music writing skills spearheaded by keyboardist Thomas Azar but also vocalist Jeff Azar’s dark and contemplative words that harken back to poets such as Edgar Allan Poe and the early beat poets…Allen Ginsberg and Lawrence Ferlinghetti to name a few. Like those poets, they mix shadowy “psychologically challenged” characters with elements of existential disenfranchisement, political/cultural satire and commentary. No silly love songs here! Thank god!!”


McCracken sums up his experience with the band by saying that “…not only are they great players but they are fantastic humans. They are people the fans will root for and will want to succeed, the key for success in the music business in my opinion. That’s been my experience over the 35+ years I’ve been at this.  And, just as important, their message is very topical and speaks to a lot of people.  It’s a much needed counterweight to the shallowness of the current pop music world that measures success in You Tube hits and devours itself in the process of looking for the next big thing.”


The project is being mixed by Will Hensley, a protégé of legendary mixer Michael Brauer. Will’s work includes Coldplay,  KT Tundstall, John Mayer, Regina Spektor and many others. McCracken recently worked with him on the release of NYC based band Mad For Justice’s The Love EP.


John McCracken Music Group expects big things from Demi the Daredevil in 2016. A Fall 2016 tour is in the works.  Demi will be booked by legendary manager/booking agent Leonardo Pavkovic of MoonJune Management based in New York City. MoonJune’s clients include guitar god Allan Holdsworth, guitarist Nicolas Meier (touring guitarist with legendary guitarist Jeff Beck), Soft Machine Legacy, HBC (Henderson, Berlin and Chambers) along with Indonesian guitar hero Dewa Budjani among many others world class musicians.


Street date for Art of Relax, Captain Hunchback, Buried Horror Show and Save the Jovian is Tuesday October 4th 2016via The Orchard. Available worldwide.


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