Standing out with his creepy theatrics, intricate arrangements, and hyper-introspective lyrics, fans describe Austin,Texas-based band Demi the Daredevil as “raw, relatable, and also inspirational and fun.” Demi the Daredevil draws on the widest variety of influences. 80s Soft Rock, Emo Punk, and classical and show-tune influences. Demi the Daredevil’s mix of bright alternative rock and darkly theatrical music is inspiring a global community of listeners. 



  • “Beach Boys meets Queen meets Frank Zappa, just to name a few things.” -Alan Wolmark, CEC Management

  • "It reminds me of those old gothic nursery rhymes. A dark lullaby quality, not too dark though." -Mikel Jollet (Airborne Toxic Event)

  • "Demi the Daredevil delivers a refreshing, thrilling and nearly-haunting sonic experience that’s at once experimental in its composition and familiar through the lyrics’ relatability. Upon listening, you’re thrust down a rabbit hole of sorts, revealing a dark and interesting world marked with internal conflict, existential questions and a comforting sense of connectedness through lead singer, Jeff Azar’s, voice that serves as a guide into a complex world that explores what it’s like to be human.” -Erin Coulehan, writer Rolling Stone

  • “Smart, intricately arranged. Some of it is like a fun circus, some of it earnest. Sincere as hell.” -Rob Cantor (Tally Hall)

  • “Really melodious stuff but still has the rock vein in it, intense and vivid words..” -Mark S. Berry (Producer)

  • “Fresh and exciting Art Rock. I sense a bright future for Demi.” -David Bash (IPO Festival)

  • “The arrangement of these tracks into a brilliant storyline is a musical journey no one should miss out on" -Amy Berryhill (On Vinyl Music)”


  • Selected to play at Springboard Music Festival out of 4,000 applicants

  • Featured artist at International Pop Overthrow Festival three years in a row

  • “Sly Dog” received Runner-Up placement at "Song of the Year Competition" (Judged by Dave Grohl and Gwen Stefani) 2017

  • “America Anonymous” received Runner-Up placement at "Song of the Year Competition" (Judged by Dave Grohl and Gwen Stefani) 2018

  • Mentioned by Youtube’s “The Pop Song Professor” in “4 Amazing Artists You’ve Never Heard of Before.”

  • Won Ernie Ball Warped Tour Las Cruces, NM

  • Over 2000+ art pieces by Demi the Daredevil fans

  • Over 25,000 Instagram fans

  • Song “Sgnt Drivethru” featured as “Buffering” TV Series Theme Song

  • Featured by YouTubers Pop Song Professor and Infinity on Hannah



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