Can I Change Me


It's so much easier to fantasize

than realize what it takes

I'm not so special as to

be exempt from the required work

I start to wonder if i deserve

all that i expect

change me

can i change me


I'm nobody to anybody

i won't be somebody for a while

so I'll be somebody for me

Maybe someday someone will see me

change me


change me


When i numb myself from every tension

in  time my personality will dim

Clogged and cluttered

trashed and haggard

my soul shut down

to be of value i've got to know myself

i need to be alive

change me


My days of aimless thought

add up and fly by

i'm nowhere close to any kind of glory

in my line of work

i can't cheat my way to the top

my road is slow  

but it's right this time