I'm so sorry this song took so long

if you've dropped your song

ill help you pick it up

I'm so sorry its not your fault

If your angel falls

ill help you pick it up

ill help you pick it up


ill build you back up again

ill show you your reflection

if you're hurting ill make you bloom again

you lady hang the moon

one day ill provide for you



when you've cut the cries

of all you forgot

you do your best

people stifle you

people scratch your eyes

and move far away

and move far away


then when you face the world alone

i face it with you

I stand for you

20 hours away



I know your type

 i see cry

i need to hold you

it's gonna be alright

i know your type


your leaking veins

your subtle strengths

need a glass case

I know your name