I'm Tapped Out

I’ve been listening

And explaining

You want to be understood

What you need’s understanding


I gave you

A hard bed

To lay on as you scream at me

No one’s home to hear me

You’ll never hear who I am


Well I’m tapped out

I’m tapped out

I’ve given up

I’ve given up on you

Well I told you

Well I told you so

We’re shaken up

We’re shaken up

We’re shattered


Im a dead bird

All tangled up

In your thorns you call your love

I can’t escape what from what you can’t face


These resentments

Don’t go away

They’re your bombs when my erasure drops

They’re the canes you stab me with

The canes that keep us fake at bay  



You cry with glass shoes

Shattered by the brutes you knew

You cry it wasn’t you

Who used me to meet your needs

It’s killing me that I’ve confirmed

Your worst dread of being left

Bonds break, it’s for the best  

I put an end to our limping dance of death