Embrace the Jovian

The ads are laying eggs of delusion

In a jet speed nervous collison

Find the nearest bomb shelter

Misfiring machines staggering towards you


Did you try to laugh with gangrene?

Solitudes a newfound virtue

In the nearest bombshelter

Kindred souls and ghosts were always waiting


Break away break away today

Today I saved the jovian

Hide away hide away today

Today I saved the jovian


Reachin for a lighted staircase

In a twisting earthling airwave

Wheres the nearest bomb shelter

I volunteer to wear a queer straight jacket


Stimulation froze some brains up

The inner life was all dried up then

I found the nearest bomb shelter

May the rare and cursed preserve everything that they are


Safe and sound

In a free world alone

Strangely preoccupied