Burried Horror show

Tune me in if you want revenge

I'm your pain your mess and it’s festering

When you strain a face that is fake for them

They still will spit and mock you

What's your name who are you?

I'm tryin to get through to you

I'll never leave I'll never leave

I'll never leave leave you again

Don't ever leave don't ever leave

Don't ever leave leave me again

My horror show

Stay aware when the mirror screams

It's your power gone sour pathology

And they all downplay this gravity

Of a girl that you’re avoiding


Look at me

I'm all you'll ever have

How could you do this

To you're buried horror show


You farm a prick they were to us back in the day

Could been great but you threw it away

I was abandoned when you were in a panic

And we landed in the lines of fire