Captain Hunchback


My thoughts are racing

And I’m nauseous

Strobe exit sign

The thunder cracks

It got so quiet

Followed by a wave

Of terrifying truth

Of where I stand today

Aint nothing like I’ve been imagining

Seroquel dreams

I lost track of my thinking

while we were laughing with the TV

Victory, my voice is tripling

VIcotry, slam the door violently

Victory, hands are trembling

Victory, damn where was I?

The leaves will inch

Their way towards me

In jagged little rush

I’m a softie sucked in

A reject on the run

Through crowds of rotten tongues

In simulated fun

I can’t bare to celebrate

Anymore before I found my cause for living

I've been here before

Over and over

No connection

I need connection

Behind the bars and through the parties  

Is a universe

Behind the laughing gasoline

Is a suicidal surge

Thinking’s in Peru

Torso in Quebec

I’m outta step and in doubt I know

But I’ll grab my silhouette

Everyone's vomiting