Art of Relax

I keep on obsessing 

I know I'm crazy

I don't understand everything

no rush and that's okay  


I keep getting vertigo 

Blurry black outs 

Not as ashamed now

When I let these people down 

Please remember

I'm just tryin' to breathe

In the art of relax

My fears been killin me 


Every composure 

Out of disorder 

I see through the lenses 

I had when I was ten 


The world is an oyster

The days are longer

I notice the details 

Like the gum stuck on the chair 

No one can see me  

I'm just tryin' to hide 

My body is crackin 

Crackin wide open 

Restoring sensations

I had back in the day

Got no one who feels this way

But I’ll wait a while

Just wanna little reprieve 

I'm underprepared 

But I've come so far 

In the art of relax