El Mago Mysterio

Who are you what is your name?

Stand straight for dignity sake 

You’re lost in broadcasting waves 

Self-deprecating ways 
Can’t sweep this under the rug 
You clown we could have been great 
Don't throw it away


The jokes are done away with 
Tune me in for a quick 
A quick minute two 
Tryin to get through to you 
The scientist went unused 
Hunchback we could have been great 

But you threw it away

Let’s validate you’re worth 
Potential value on earth 
Let’s cultivate every vein 
And every gem in your brain


We’re not indebted to give 
Our time to beggars of clicks 
They’re hangin on all your gifts 
And giving nothing at all


I am the last living friend 
The witness in your head 
All your sisters are sick 
All your brothers are dead


To start is half the fight 
We’ve done nothing wrong 
Until the day that we die 
This is our song


Slow down my friend slow down 
The hell with the world 
Lift all the guilt off your little shoulders



Speak up now what do you need? 
We’re in dialogue 
Tell me where do you stand 
All the desires and plans 
The situation at hand 
Hunchback we could be great 
Don’t throw it away