Man In the Open Sea

Like a hawk outta hell I hit the hills

Finding my joy away from the ghost race

Through the voices and falls that dissuade me

Flying hard and fast to a new day


Out of sync with the clicks I landed in

I’m not a prop to give them attention

Everybody’s attention is spread too thin

I made a plan I’ll make it happen


Man in the open sea

What a relief im going with both wings

Tired of nothing happening

Go all out there’s nothin else

If I wanna be who I could have been

I can’t afford to waste a minute


Spinning up with a wilson from cast away

Some kinda form to advise and hate

It’s the chaos and violence in my chest

Dragging me to and from destination


It’s what listens to thoughts as they are coming out

Trusting what’s struck for me strikes a note in you

My excitement derives from a lucky hand

Broke as a dog but home’s where the heart is