Demi the Daredevil is an American Art Rock band that originates from El Paso, Texas. The band was formed in 2006 by high school friends Jovan Ortiz, Marc Martel, and Jeff Azar. They built a cult following in El Paso and Las Cruces, New Mexico spurred by a winning Ernie Ball Warped Tour contest slot, having their own renditions of The Beatles “Blackbird,” “Feur Elise,” and original song “Goosebumps” added to a Sante Fe Rockers compilation CD, and sharing a widened number of demos at live shows. Following primary songwriter Jovan Ortiz’ death and Marc’s departure to Mike Cosgrove’s (Alien Ant Farm) Mystery Schools, Jeff completed Jovan’s vocals for their Self-Titled album and returned to U.T. Austin. 

     After multiple psychiatric hospitalizations from 2009-2011, Jeff contacted his brother Thomas Azar who was studying piano performance in Manhattan. The Schizoid in a Moratorium EP  surfaced summer 2013, getting into the hands of Gold Producer John McCracken. The following year the band began recording The Secret Schizoid EP transferring files long distance from Austin to New York to be mixed and mastered. The EP is being released via the Orchard October 2016. 

     Demi the Daredevil’s mix of bright alternative rock and darkly theatrical music is turning heads across the globe. Standing out with their twisted theatrics, intricate arrangements, and deeply psychological lyrics, fans describe El Paso, Texas based band Demi the Daredevil as “flamboyant, psychotic, but still hopeful and exciting.” Demi the Daredevil draws on the widest variety of influences. 80s Soft Rock bands such as Phil Collins, Chicago, and Billie Joel were part of the Azar brother’s upbringing, as well as Dance Pop artists like Prince, Cyndi Lauper, Janet and Michael Jackson. Emo punk bands such as Green Day, My Chemical Romance, and The Used are said to have influenced the band, as well as musical theater show tunes, film scores, and classical music, namely those of Andrew Lloyd Webber, and Rachnmaninov.